A Taste Of: The High Line (New York City)

View from High Line Park - Chelsea, New York City

On a surprisingly warm October Saturday in New York City, I met up with my friend Jen at Penn Station, squealing as I ran to her, uncaring of the stares as this was the first time I had laid eyes on her in over six years. Jen is the kind of friend one happens upon under the most unassuming, random circumstances in life – a reoccurring theme for my closest kinships, truth be told:
KD – A friend I made in first grade when she, a shyer than most girl, uncharacteristically approached me to play a game.
Annie – We had mutual frenemy who dragged Annie over to my place, only to drag us both out to accompany her on errands.
Steffie – I stole her lunches. In high school. She just kept feeding me, as if I were a wild squirrel.

West Chelsea Traffic - Manhattan

Jen and I met via fandom, and though she was not the first nor the last friend I made through mutual geekdom, she remains the only internet-pal turned traveling companion sight unseen. Yup. We trusted one another enough not to be middle-aged sexual predators luring the other into an After School Special trap. Not only were we not preying on the other, but we got along splendidly and had a grand adventure. By “grand” I mean “dove head first into international travel with as little know-how as possible”.

Manhattan Street Art
Street Art by Kobra

Flash-forward to that ecstatic moment when we were finally reunited. We had already decided on The High Line for our Saturday excursion, though we weren’t precisely prepared for the droves that had the exact idea. My photos, alas, suffered a bit from the crowds in that I could not successfully snap a single photo of the High Line interior as the swarms kept photobombing me. Originally a rail yard erected in the 1930s, 30 feet above pedestrian level to eliminate dangerous train traffic from the street, The High Line is located in the now fashionable Meatpacking District / West Chelsea / Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton neighborhoods. Exactly that I imagine a true urban park to be, The High Line offers visitors a narrow walkway along the old railway tracks, now overgrown with grass and wildflowers. There are wide wooden benches and lounges to take a rest, vendors hawking food (I recommend La Newyorkina Mexican frozen treats), reflecting pools, musicians and wide, sweeping views of the surrounding area – which is what I am featuring here. Enjoy!

West Chelsea flowers

The High Line

Current Hours: 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Phone: (212) 500-6035

Subway Routes to The High Line:
L or the A / C / E to 14th Street & 8th Avenue
C / E to 23rd Street & 8th Avenue
1 / 2 / 3 to 14th Street & 7th Avenue
1 to 18th Street & 7th Avenue
1 to 23rd Street & 7th Avenue

Smoking and dogs prohibited