Alegria on Sunset

Alegria on Sunset

If anyone ever asks me to recommend superb Mexican food here in Los Angeles, I am going to refer them to Alegria on Sunset. My sister ate there well over a year ago and took me last week. Alegria is nestled in an unassuming strip mall on Sunset Blvd, just a couple miles outside of downtown Los Angeles.

PROTIP: Never judge a restaurant by its location and outward appearance. Some of the best meals of my life have taken place in strip malls, and this is no exception!

Wall of Happiness

I never wanted to leave. It was one of those meals that I wish my stomach had never ending room for.

We first ordered Aguas Frescas, or fresh drinks. My sister ordered banana lemon (on the recommendation of our waitress) and I ordered strawberry and honeydew. Both were extremely refreshing and tasty!

Aguas Frescas

We shared an appetizer of Tacos ala Crema – three rolled crispy corn tortillas filled with our creamy seasoned potatoes and topped with Salsa Ranchera, Salsa Roja, Salsa Verde, Queso Fresco, Creme Fraiche and Guacamole.
Tacos ala Crema

My sister ordered Sincronizada, a quesadilla filled with Carnitas grilled with fiery jalapenos, fresh tomatoes and onions. Served with homemade Creme Fraiche. It was HEAVEN! Their pork is so moist, it just melts in your mouth. It has the most wonderful smokey flavor.
Carnitas Quesadilla

I ordered the Enchiladas de Queso – Three corn tortillas filled with cheese, smother them in salsa, and topped with crisp lettuce and Creme Fraiche. Salsa = spicy Chile Negro, Chile Ancho, light Guajillos, New Mexico Reds along with fresh onions, garlic and herbs.
Look at that specimen of deliciousness; do I even need to tell you how fucking incredible it tasted? No, no I don’t.

Enchiladas de Queso

Even though we were absolutely stuffed, our waitress convinced us to order the flan. Unbeknown to them, my sister is a world class flan maker as she was taught from her Cuban grandmother. It’d be difficult to top her flan, but we went with it anyway. It was still a great flan, much denser than what I am used it, not unlike cheesecake with sauce in a way.
Flan with strawberries

I think the best part of my dessert, honestly, was the cinnamon tea which they make on the premise. I hope they bag it up and sell that stuff, because HOLY MOTHER OF JEEBUS do I want that tea. I’ve never been so in love with a beverage – event when I tasted the Million Dollar Margarita at Dave & Buster’s happy hour.

If you’re on the hunt for authentic, homemade Mexican food with a good vibe, warm people, and a clean, unique setting in the heart of Los Angeles, look no further than Alegria on Sunset.

PS: Veggies and vegan options are available, just check out their menu from the link below.

Alegria on Sunset
3510 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90026

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