Vernetti – Larchmont Village

Chef Steve Vernetti

Restaurants in their infancy can be a tricky situation. Everyone is a bundle of nerves: the chef wants their food to be perfection; the public relations want rave reviews and the invited media is simply hoping for the best (and hungry). And the best is certainly what Chef Steve Vernetti and wife Joanna gave at the media preview of their eponymous Italian-American restaurant in Larchmont Village.

Steve and Joanna Vernetti bought Larchmont’s beloved Italian restaurant, Girasole, in fall 2013, worked closely with its former owner during the transition, and have maintained the core kitchen and wait staff that made the restaurant such a special place.

Spoilers: everything served this night was absolutely amazing. It was difficult to not eat all of absolutely everything because I would have been full very early on. So I’ll only add my notes where necessary.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village

Comments: Nice tang. Really worth ordering to give your taste-buds a wake-up zing.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Olive Bread + Olive Oil

Comments: Crusty and soft with big chunks of black olives. Delicious freshly hot out of the oven.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Deviled egg crostini• white anchovy

Comments: Anchovy mellows out the paprika spice.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Ceci bean crostini• mint, pecorino

Comments: Mint is potent. Tied with the deviled egg costini as my favorite.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Roasted beet crostini • house ricotta, basil, toasted pistachios

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Salumi platter
prosciutto, porchetta, bresaola, spicy calabrese salami, house giardiniera

Comments: I could eat that bresaola until the day I die. The porchetta melts in your mouth. All of the meats are perfection.

Intervallo:Tagliatelle, rigatoni, spaghettini, pappardelle and ravioli are made with Vernetti’s Rosito Bisani TR 95 Pasta Extruder, a workhorse in the new kitchen. Seafood comes from boat-to-table, sustainable sources, and premium meats from a local, specialty butcher.

Vernetti Tasting
Pappardelle con funghi • sautéed wild mushrooms, cream, parmigiano

Comments: My favorite. Always has been, always will be. You and me, pappardelle + mushrooms. ‘Til death do us part.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Rigatoni spuntature
braised short rib ragu, marrow, crispy greens, roasted tomatoes, breadcrumbs

Comments: I am not a short ribs fan; every time I have eaten short ribs, I have been pretty dissatisfied. This dish would have been my #1 favorite if my blind loyalty to mushrooms and pappardelle did not keep me on the straight & narrow. Seriously, I want a full serving of this. Mom’s favorite as well.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Linguine alla vongole
manila clams, white wine, garlic, crushed red pepper

Comments: Another personal favorite and oh god even though it was a two-bite job, easily one of the best Linguine and clams I’ve ever eaten. It’s creamy rather than soupy, a task that is deceptively difficult when concerning pasta.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Grilled octopus • creamy white beans, fennel and cabbage slaw

Comments: I wish I could have eaten more than a couple of bites, but warm cabbage + I do not get on well. The octopus was lovely, though.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Bistecca alla fiorentina
dry aged prime porterhouse, baby arugula, shaved parmigiano

Comments: I have nothing to say because I am too busy eating and making noises I’d rather not…describe. Use your imagination.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Seared yam and sage polenta cake

Intervallo: Chef Steve Vernetti’s take on Italian-American cuisine reflects a lifetime of diverse experiences and training. At age six, his mother taught him to cook on the family’s working ranch in Nevada, where they grew their own produce and raised livestock. As an adult, cooking became his vocation and Vernetti honed his art by traveling throughout Europe to Berlin, Paris, Venice, Florence, Amsterdam and Brussels. When Chef Vernetti and his wife, Joanna, now co-founder of a television production company and the restaurant’s creative visionary and business manager, moved back to the U.S. in the late 1990s, he cooked with The Patina Group in Los Angeles. The Vernettis settled in Larchmont and are now raising their three children here (adorable, by the way, as the proud chef shared photos with me).

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Cannoli • house ricotta cream, candied peel/pistachio

Comments: I cannot tell you how difficult it is to find a decent cannoli in this town. Thank goodness for people like Chef Vernetti who get its simple beauty.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village
Panna Cotta • fresh strawberry composta

Comments: Throwing all caution and stomach warnings to the wind, I ate this with gusto and nearly licked my plate. My favorite dessert of the evening.

Vernetti Media Preview - Larchmont Village

Comments: Took one bite before crumpling to the floor and slipping into a food coma.

Vernetti is in the restaurant every day, creating both traditional and innovative dishes – building on Girasole’s legacy, and filling his restaurant with the happy sounds of his community. During the remodel, he traveled, researched and tasted to ensure every dish at Vernetti is made with the highest quality ingredients. He continues to try new variations to menu items and add nuances while keeping all the favorites that Girasole patrons came to know and love.
“To own a restaurant right here in Larchmont Village, in the same neighborhood where we are raising our family, is pretty amazing,” said Chef Steve Vernetti. “Serving homemade pastas and choice cuts of meat and seafood, seasonal vegetables and baked goods, and seeing all that happens around a table set with a well prepared meal in a lovely setting is a dream come true.”

225 North Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
Dinner: 17:30–23:00
Lunch: 12–15:00 (beginning next week!)
Weekday Breakfast: 09-12 (SOON!)
Weekend Brunch: 09–14:00 (SOON!)

The Fab Four join Cal Phil for Opening Concert Weekend


The Fab Four in Pasadena

HEY, YOU! What are you doing this weekend? Trying to beat the heat? I bet you are. Cool off with the California Philharmonic summer concert series with special opening weekend guests THE FAB FOUR. The Ultimate Beatles Tribute band, join The Fab Four & Cal Phil as they perform Beatles hits including “Sgt. Pepper”, “Hey Jude”, “Imagine” and “Penny Lane”. With uncanny, note-for-note live renditions of Beatles’ songs, The Fab Four make you think you are watching the real thing, complete with multiple costume changes that represent various eras of the Beatles ever-changing career.

Speaking as someone who has seen The Fab Four not once, not twice, but three times now ~ I can attest to their heart, skill and integrity of authenticity. I was fortunate to be able to correspond with Ron McNeil, founder of The Fab Four, musician, and John Lennon impersonator extraordinaire.

Q: From Australia, to Japan to the United Kingdom to right here in sunny Southern California, The Fab Four has played all over the world; what is that global appeal that makes The Fab Four stand out among other cover/tribute bands?

Ron McNeil: The first thing that stands out is the great music of The Beatles. Their message of peace and love transcends all barriers. We can physically see how the music bridges gaps, and brings people together. Our show is a reflection of that message. Each night we give a loving and respectful tribute to the greatest music of all time.

Q: When each member of The Fab Four dons their costume, how do they attempt that crucial component of embodying and emanating the essence of that particular member of The Beatles to the audience?

Ron McNeil: We each have our individual rituals that we go through to help us get into character. As a group, each night, just before we go on stage we have a secret handshake that basically means “Let’s go out there and perform as if The Beatles themselves were in the audience.” We feel like they deserve that respect.

Ron McNeil Q: How does performing alongside Maestro Vener and Cal Phil add to your show?

Ron McNeil: Maestro Vener is a blast to work with. He’s not as uptight, if you will, as other conductors that we’ve worked with. Plus, since he grew up with The Beatles, he likes to share his personal insights and memories with the audience. The Cal Phil Orchestra is just perfect for what we do. They have just enough “classical leaning” players, combined with more “jazzy” musicians. And that really helps to give us that authentic edge.

Q: Given the universal appeal of The Beatles and the way their lyrics have affected generations worldwide, how has performing these classic songs impacted your own lives?

Ron McNeil: Well, it’s not digging ditches, is it? The Beatles’ music continues to change lives. Obviously with us, we get to share that experience with people all over the world. I think that makes us especially blessed to experience their music from a fan’s point of view, as well as from an artist’s perspective.

Q: Though there has been much celebration of ’50th Anniversaries’ since 2010, 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of world wide Beatlemania – can you share with us some plans The Fab Four might have cooking?

Ron: Next year’s gonna be huge. We cant tell you exactly what we have planned, because it’s a bit of a secret. But, we can say that we’ll be out there to help people remember that incredible moment in history.

Santa Anita Race Track – 5:30p gates/7:30p concert – Tickets & Info Here

Walt Disney Concert Hall Downtown L.A. – 2:00pm – Tickets & Info Here

Can’t make it this weekend? Check out The Fab Four tour schedule!

Paella Sunday Suppers at El Cid with Ethan Margolis

Paella Sunday Suppers Crew at El Cid

WHAT: Authentic Andalusian Paella Sunday Suppers! Enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon at El Cid, home of one of the best patios in all of Los Angeles, sip on some daytime cocktails as the paella is leisurely prepared on the grill in a Paellera ~ Dinner is served at 5pm with a Flamenco Show at 5:30. Full tickets includes one glass of Tinto de Verano (Spanish wine cocktail) or a soda, house salad, plate of Andalusian paella and the flamenco show.

WHO: El Cid & Arte y Pureza Productions ~ celebrating its 50th year as the premiere venue for Flamenco Dinner Shows, popular brunch, tapas on the patio, full bar.

WHEN: Sundays ~ 3pm grill time, with a 5:30p Flamenco Show | 323.668.0318

WHERE: 4212 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90029

PRICING: Paella is available a la carte $15 OR as a complete dinner paired with Arte y Pureza’s Flamenco Dance Show at 5:30 pm. Paella & Flamenco tickets are $30 when purchased in advance online. Paella and Flamenco tickets are available at the door for $35, depending on availability. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE!

Last week I had the chance to speak with Ethan Margolis, creator of Paella Sunday Suppers, accomplished flamenco musician and director of Arte y Pureza. We chatted on the phone about Paella Sunday Suppers, El Cid, Flamenco and his time in Andalusia Spain.

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Sneak Peek: Eat See Hear

Do not waste your time indoors, Southern California. This summer is chock full of opportunities to grab hold of our warm evenings and make a commitment to be as outdoorsy as possible. Showtime, Trailhead Marketing Inc. & Hollywood Outdoor Movies takes advantage of our glorious southern California weather with a series of events that’s 1/3rd cinematic reveling, 1/3rd concert in the park, and 1/3rd food fest with

Eat See Hear is LA’s premier outdoor movie, food truck and live music series that brings an evening of fun to Los Angeles-area venues each summer. The Second Annual series features up and coming bands from the local music scene, the hottest food trucks and the only 3-story high, 52-foot wide inflatable movie screen west of the Mississippi with the highest quality HDprojection and digital surround sound, the Eat|See|Hear series promises an enjoyable movie-going experience!


  • May 25: THE PRINCESS BRIDE – Santa Monica High School (Baseball Field) 601 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, 90405

  • June 1: CLUELESS – Paul Revere Middle School 1450 Allenford Ave, Brentwood, 90049

  • June 8: FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF – Centennial Square at Pasadena City Hall 100 North Garfield Ave, Pasadena 91101

  • June 15: FIGHT CLUB – Los Angeles State Historic Park 1245 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, 90012

  • June 22: SAY ANYTHING – Santa Monica High School (Memorial Greek Theater) 601 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, 90405

  • June 29: RISKY BUSINESS – DRIVE-IN! Los Angeles Trade Tech College 400 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, 90015

  • July 6: STRIPES – Los Angeles State Historic Park 1245 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, 90012

  • July 13: ELF – Paul Revere Middle School 1450 Allenford Ave, Brentwood, 90049

  • July 20: COMING TO AMERICA – Santa Monica High School (Memorial Greek Theater) 601 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, 90405

  • July 27: ALMOST FAMOUS – DRIVE-IN! Los Angeles Trade Tech College 400 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, 90015

  • August 3: DONNIE DARKO – Santa Monica High School (Baseball Field) 601 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, 90405

  • August 10: KINGPIN – Paul Revere Middle School 1450 Allenford Ave, Brentwood, 90049

  • August 17: BIG – La Cienega Park 325 S. La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, 90211

  • August 24: THE WARRIORS – DRIVE-IN! Los Angeles Trade Tech College 400 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, 90015

  • August 31: PULP FICTION – Los Angeles State Historic Park 1245 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, 90012

  • September 7: BACK TO SCHOOL – Santa Monica High School (Memorial Greek Theater) 601 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, 90405

  • September 14: BREAKFAST CLUB – Los Angeles State Historic Park 1245 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, 90012

  • Typical Event Schedule:
    • 5:30 p.m. – Doors open
    • 7:00 p.m. – Band performs
    • 8:30 p.m. – Movie begins
    • 10:00-11:00 p.m. – Event concludes (depending on length of movie)

    BONUS: Coolhaus will be the official dessert partner for Eat|See|Hear 2013, featuring an exclusive custom ice cream flavor: butterscotch and bourbon ice cream with a peanut butter crunch cookie, available all summer long at Coolhaus Culver City and on the Coolhaus trucks. Brasil Kiss Mobile Coffee Bar will be serving “love in a cup” every Saturday night.

    TICKETS: Price range $10 for general admission – $15 for drive-in – $20 for reserved “fashionably late” (limited) seating Tickets available online A limited amount of passes will also be available for $12 at the door (cash or credit card).

    PARKING: Parking will vary from venue to venue so guests are encouraged to check the event website for specific parking info prior to each event.

    MORE INFO: Eat | See | Hear websiteFacebookTwitter

    The Park’s Finest (Echo Park)

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park

    Due to my own self-imposed rules of not posting more than one media event per week, I get a little behind. Back-logged with media invitationals is not a terrible aspect of ones life, though I do feel guilty for being unable to have a quicker turn around time. However, bloggers posting about their “freebies” is a sore spot for a lot of people, one that I have not addressed head-on as of yet (and don’t worry, I will) and adhering to the “one media event per week” is a rule I am going to stick to for the time being.

    All right, enough with the idle rambling – onto the food! Back in October, I was invited to The Park’s Finest, a barbecue joint in Echo Park owned and operated by the Concordia family, along with their life-long neighborhood pals, the Bautista’s, Pajimula’s, and the Araquel’s, who tell their story in better words than I can ever do justice:

    “Established in 2009 as a small-scale catering company, the family business has grown each year. With support from family, the block, and community, The Park’s Finest was able to open its doors to the public in January 2012. The Park’s Finest now functions as an eatery near Downtown L.A. that provides fast casual convenience with a sit-down dining experience.”

    We all sat family style, cozying up to strangers; familiar faces in the home grown food scene of L.A., bloggers, Yelpers, journalists and family friends alike. In fact, I invited my big brother to accompany me this evening, which deepened my enjoyment of the evening as I could relate to the feelings of family that The Park’s Finest wanted to emphasize.

    As if their enthusiasm and passion for their food and business wasn’t clear enough, photo albums were made (pictured above) for every guest to help underline the message of family and community which The Park’s Finest stands for. I still have my copy, and I intend to keep it as long as possible. Detailed touches like these are soul-bearing, and I respect the level of vulnerability these good people showed a handful of strangers by sharing their story.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    Coconut Beef
    smoked chuck roll, cubed, and stewed in a coconut cream

    My. God. I want it. All of it. I really could have had this dish all night long and been a happy camper. I’m not going to lie; it doesn’t look significant in the least, but this dish packs a hell of a wallop in flavor.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    San Pablo Pulled Pork
    sixteen-hour slow-roasted pork shoulder

    Though I am generally not a fan of pulled pork, once I experimented with the two sauces available to us – a sweet and tangy vinegar sauce and a savory slightly sweet sauce – this heap of pork was transformed. Secret is in the sauce!

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    Smoked Banana Leaf Salmon
    olive oil, lemon pepper, pink himalayan salt, house pepper blend, house garlic blend

    Salmon will never be my favorite. Unless it is in raw sashimi/sushi form, I am not a fan.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    Ann’s Cornbread Bibingka
    Cornmeal/Rice flour mix, baked on a banana leaf

    As I prefer cornbread to be on the sweet side, this was a home run for me. I especially enjoyed the sugary crusted top.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    Eagle Rock Brewery Manifesto Wit

    I think the description of this is so incredibly fantastic that I cannot top it: “Belgian-style ‘wit-bier’ or white ale has a light wheat base and is typically spiced with coriander and citrus peel. for a unique twist, we add rose petals as well. manifesto wit is pale straw-colored and slightly hazy in appearance, with invigorating citrus, floral, and spice aromatics.the light body and subtle sweetness of this beer accentuate the peppery flavor produced by the yeast.these lively flavors, combined with the slight tartness in the finish, create a crisp and refreshing experience. it’s sunshine in a glass!”

    Aside: I want to get paid to write these kinds of descriptions. I don’t know if I truly tasted that many levels of awesomeness, but it was a mighty tasty beer nonetheless.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    Ligaya Veggie Medly
    zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms and red pepper

    My brother was just about dying from meat overload when these arrived, satisfying his desire to balance out his meal.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    Mt. Malindang Pork Ribs
    seasoned, slow-smoked St. Louis style pork ribs and rib tips

    A touch too fatty for my liking. Ribs are tricky, and I’m particular about them.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    Beef Tri-Tip
    tender, deli-thin season-crusted sirloin beef paired with homemade horseradish sauce

    When tri-tip is done well, as these were, it can be positively magical for the tastebuds. This sampling as one of my favorites, along with the horseradish sauce.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    Candy Coated Ham
    coated with signature BBQ sauce every half hour for 12 hours

    Quite easily, the best ham I have ever eaten. Tender, juicy ham with a richly sweet sauce…it will convert all of you “Honey Baked Ham” purists in a heartbeat.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    corn off the cob served with mayo, fresh parmesan cheese & cayenne pepper

    When I taste something like elota and my first thought is: “Oh, Jeebus, how do I replicate this glorious dish?” I know someone in that kitchen is doing something right. I really need to gussy up my corn dishes.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    Beef Short Rib
    a smoked, seasoned, meaty beef rib paired with house own crema horseradish sauce

    Unless it’s lamb, ribs really aren’t my thing. I find them to be prone to dryness and all-too easily caught in ones teeth. I only had the smallest of bites of this beef rib, and cannot truly comment on it.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    Gabi Greens

    I wasn’t into these Filipino tubers, as they tasted like bitter collared greens, but my brother heaped them onto his plate. Dig in, bro.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park

    I’m not one for turkey outside of the obligatory Thanksgiving holiday, but I would dig into a stack like this one with no problem. Every piece was moist and bursting with flavor of its own natural basting. I imagine this turkey is the kind of turkey Ben Franklin envisioned for our great country when he suggested the noble beast be our avian representative.

    The Park's Finest - Echo Park
    Cornbread Pudding with Salted caramel top

    The dessert was provided by friends at Crème Caramel LA, known for their gourmet approach to bread pudding. This gorgeous dish left me curious to want to explore more of CCL’s offerings.

    It was at this point the good folks at The Park’s Finest realized we could no longer consume any more of their fine fare. In a stroke of mercy and genius, they packed up the two remaining meats and passed around doggy-bags to take home. In them were the hot link medley (smoked, sliced spicy sausages with sweet filipino longanisa) and chicken wings. These, along with candied ham were taken home and enjoyed for my lunch the next day.

    My Top Picks: Coconut Beef, Candied Ham, Cornbread, Tri-Tip and Elota. I could have died from the food coma this night gave me, but after having tasted these five items in particular, I would have gone with a smile on my face. I have every intention of recommending The Park’s Finest to all who ask, and returning in the (hopefully, soon) future.

    The Park’s Finest
    1267 W. Temple St.
    Los Angeles, CA
    Phone: (213) 481.2800

    The Park's Finest on Urbanspoon

    Appetizers and Drinks at Trader Vic’s

    I’m not really a big fan of Polynesian food. Neither is Steffie or my sister. What we are game for, however, are tropical fruity drinks on a Friday afternoon. Despite being armed with the knowledge that splitting any sort of restaurant coupon rarely saves me any money, I still bought the $25 for $50 worth of food and drinks for Trader Vic’s via Living Social. Between parking, tips and the down payment of the “coupon” itself I shelled out approximately $35. Well, surprise, surprise for me! I did save some change.
    Our bill spilled over about $14.00 (including tax), which Stef and Annette paid the difference of (plus their share of the tip – which of course, we tipped on the $74 and not the $14 because that would be shitty). The good staff of Trader Vic’s also applied happy hour prices to the drinks and snacks that applied.
    This is what we got for our monies:

    Bahia – light rum, coconut and pineapple ($10, $6 happy hour)

    This was tasty, though a little too much ice for my liking. Could have definitely used more coconut. Still, for a happy hour drink, I’d order this again.

    Mango Mai Tai
    Mango Mai Tai ($10, $6 happy hour)

    While I find Mai Tai’s to be the most hideous cocktail in creation no matter what flavor they dress it up in, my sister seemed to enjoy this drink immensely. It was her first Mai Tai experience.

    Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings ($9, $5 happy hour)

    Steffie ordered these and I think she got Kung Pao flavor. Schezwan would have been hotter and BBQ would have been, well, BBQ. Both Stef and I were pleasantly surprised how well these little morsels were prepared. The flavoring was all in a light with-a-slight-kick marinade and not some sticky, gloppy sauce and the meat was juicy and tender.

    Spicy Spider Roll
    Spicy Spider Roll – crispy soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado ($9)

    This would have been excellent if it weren’t for that nasty sauce on top, which was neither spicy nor even appetizing, really. It was thick, cumbersome and sweet. I would not have ordered this had the menu accurately described the roll. The only spice was from the wasabi I added.

    Tiki Bowl – light & dark rums, brandy, almond & orange juice ($20, serves two)

    This the the only picture that adequately depicts the quantity of booze these two ladies sucked up in their novelty straws. I was pretty gung-ho to try one of these multiple-persons drinks but the choices were very uninspiring. I wasn’t a fan of the Tiki Bowl, but Annette & Steffie were and that’s what counts. Steffie threw the towel in 3/4ths the way in and it was up to my sister to make sure nothing went to waste.

    Peach Tree
    Peach Tree Punch ($10), Crispy Calamari ($9, $5 happy hour)

    The drink was with “light rum, flavors of peaches and oranges and a soft southern whisper of coconut” and though I could have used more peach flavor, this was delightfully refreshing and strong enough that I took my time with it. I think Annette ended up finishing it, though.
    The crispy calamari is what I should have ordered in lieu of the lackluster sushi. It was supposed to come with wasabi mayonnaise according to the website, but I don’t recall if this was listed on the menu at the time or not. Regardless, it came with a very disappointing sauce that I’m assuming is supposed to be marinara but tasted like jarred spaghetti sauce.
    HOWEVER! In a surprising twist of culinary fate, the calamari was cooked so incredibly well that all it required for optimal flavoring was a squeeze of a fresh lemon wedge, which was already provided. I was amazed to find that their calamari was not disgustingly breaded fried but lightly battered – so when I tired of the batter I simply removed the exterior and enjoyed lemon kissed calamari by itself. Delicious.

    Would I return to Trader Vic’s?
    Maybe, but only with the good company of my fellow lushes for drinks and snacks, or one big entree to share.

    Would I recommend Trader Vic’s? If you’re into Polynesian food and tropical drinks, absolutely. They don’t skimp on the booze, even when you’re doubling down with a coupon during happy hour and everyone was pleasant, informative and attentive.

    Trader Vic’s
    800 West Olympic Blvd. #A120
    Los Angeles, CA 90015

    Sneak Preview: Comikaze Expo

    The high of Halloween excitement wearing off? Trying to figure out where you can wear that Doctor Who costume you so lovingly pieced together? Well, come on down to the Los Angeles Convention Center for Comikaze Expo! It’s not too late to grab your tickets – which are SO cheap it’s almost suspicious (but it’s not really, they’re legit).

    Guests include: Mark Hamill, Stan Lee, Elvira (in her LAST official convention appearance!), Jhonen Vasquez, Ernest Borgnine, Tippi Hedron and the entire cast of ALL THAT! (minus Kenan Thompson) and a bajillion trillion other guests.

    Panels I am looking forward to attending:


    Screening of the new THE WOMAN IN BLACK trailer (11:00am, room 306AB) – This movie looks so fantastically creepy! This would only be better if Daniel Radcliffe were there in person to introduce it.

    Uncool Japan: The Trials and Tribulations of Japanese Pop Culture (1:00pm, room 3) – Though I’m no longer actively watching anime or reading manga, there will always be my inner 17 year old, curious about the Japanese culture and how they incorporate the otaku while still making them taboo.

    Character Studies: Geek Girls in Popular Culture (2:00pm, room 4)
    While I see there are some of the same names that were at the Geek Girl Con panel of the same name, I am hoping for a more well-rounded, not so panelist-creations-only focused discussion.

    (5:00pm, room 1)
    I’m very curious who is going to come out for this and what is going to be said.

    There is a Doctor Who panel on Saturday at 6:00pm in Room 2 but whose description has been diced off in the pdf of the programming schedule. I’ll probably be there.


    Fraggles, Froud and a Frog Named Kermit: Bringing Jim Henson to Comics (2:00pm, room 306AB)
    I love anything to do with Jim Henson, bonus points for my friend Tim co-hosting this fun panel.

    Tournament of the Nerds! (3:00pm, room 4)
    Tournament of Nerds! pits two fans against each other to battle it out in heated debate. THIS CAN ONLY BE HILARIOUS.

    Comics and Comics (5:00pm, room 306AB)
    Stand-up comedians performing geek related sets. This could turn out to be a serious abuse of pandering, but I may pop in, depending if I feel like attending the cosplay contest.

    Tickets are dirt cheap – $12 per day, $20 for the weekend. Who the hell can top that? Nobody! BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!

    Are you going? What programming events are you looking forward to? I hope to see you all there!

    NOVEMBER 5th – 6th
    Los Angeles Convention Center
    1201 South Figueroa Street
    Los Angeles, California 90015