January Food Glorious Food Photo Challenge

Friends, Countrymen and Bloggers, I have always wanted to host a photo challenge and now is the time to start. I was sweating bullets when the whole Instagram debacle went down, but they have thankfully retracted their idiotic terms of service and besides which, there are a number of ways we will be able to share our photographs throughout the month.

Let’s kick off 2013 with a spectacular food (and sometimes drink) themed photo challenge. Whether you plot it out with your meal plans, or fly by the seat of your pantaloons, it matters not so long as we all give it our best.

I tried to list broad enough words to inspire everybody from all dietary lifestyles to participate.

1) For each day of January, post a photograph of a food and/or drink that best matches the word chosen for that day.
2) Please understand that these must be your photos! No photos of another photo, or reblogging a found photo. You find the item, you snap a picture of it, you upload & tag it.
3) Please tag all photos with #Food31 so we can search for one another!

Optional: Please leave a comment with either your handle for Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Project 365, Flickr, and/or blog URL so that I may add you to the list of participating members so people can check out your glorious food porn. Additionally, we can encourage one another to keep up with the challenge.

That’s it!

January ‘Food Glorious Food’ Photo Challenge

January 01: Savory
January 02: Sweet
January 03: Yellow
January 04: Healthy
January 05: Fried
January 06: Raw
January 07: Salty
January 08: Red
January 09: Comforting
January 10: Juicy
January 11: Green
January 12: Breakfast
January 13: Tangy
January 14: Vegetarian
January 15: Noodles
January 16: Spicy
January 17: Chewy
January 18: Hot
January 19: Lunch
January 20: Sour
January 21: Carbs
January 22: Snack
January 23: Beverage
January 24: Dessert
January 25: Homemade
January 26: Bitter
January 27: Ripe
January 28: Crunchy
January 29: Cold
January 30: Protein
January 31: Dinner

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