Writing for a living is not easy, and anyone who says otherwise is selling something. Me: Rachael Faught, an unabashed geek who lives and loves to write. You: represent a company that needs spark-inducing word-smithery to entice and engage clientele. Here are my services:

  • Social Media Management
  • I offer this service exclusively to food, travel, bath & beauty, geekery (e.g. comics, anime related companies) industry businesses.

    Gone are the days of static advertisement; now is the time for the social in Social Media to fully blossom! The most successful brands are those which are run by individuals who not only know the brand inside and out, but who can socialize, answer questions, ask questions, mediate, communicate and participate all the while promoting the brand. I am your social media magician, ready and able to take the reins of your social media accounts (or start them for you!) and actively engage with your community.

    You’ve read my content on Moonstruck Quest, and you’re craving more. Never fear, I’m here to satiate your appetite for my unique voice. You can hire me for the purposes of:

  • Editorial

  • Pro-Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Variety’s the very spice of life and with a diverse list of copywriting recipients up my sleeve, I provide the proverbial kitchen pantry of spice and seasoning needed for your promotional endeavors. Via The Place: Los Angeles, I have written copy for: Celebrity Net Worth, LA Philharmonic, Fairplex Event Center, The L.A. County Fair, Pantages Theatre, and L.A. Live. I love to get cheeky with copywriting, so if you’re ready to go bold and embrace the snark, we need to be best friends.

    Ready to talk shop? E-mail me: glassofwin@gmail.com