I’m Rachael Faught – born of Geek Parents and Foodie Grandma in the the cattle country of central California, raised in a Philadelphia suburb, and then flung to Southern California for adolescence and where I remain in adulthood (so far). With roots scattered about the country, I have tasted everything from scrapple to sushi to shoo fly pie; cosplayed, staffed North America’s largest anime convention, and provided my voice to many geeky fan projects, including the fan reboot of cult classic software game King’s Quest. There hasn’t been a time in my life when STAR WARS, The Hobbit, fresh squeezed orange juice from Grandma’s orange trees, STAR TREK, growing our own garden and experimenting in the kitchen was not an integral part of my life.

Born with a complex congenital heart defect, I lead a life less ordinary. That slow-paced life Americans are always chasing? I own it Like a Boss. As most “spoonie’s” (a person living with a chronic illness) will tell you, the only constant in our lives is the inconsistency of health. Which is why I will never promise you a set post schedule. There are days when I can bang out a post, film a video, edit two more videos, cross-post to social media outlets, participate in a Twitchat, cook an amazing dinner and photograph it to boot. Then there are days when the best I can promise is moving from my bed to the couch. #SorryNotSorry.


My initial career was working with children. From raising kids as the pink-haired nanny, summer camps, day care centers and a private elementary school, I have been a surrogate mother to many. Due a major conflict with my health I had to switch gears. Deciding to pursue my passion for writing, I launched Glass of Win, my inaugural public blog. My writing has been featured in magazines (The Place: Los Angeles), digital newspapers (Pasadena Star News, and another) and beloved name blogs (Mr. Pasadena).

A writer always on the hunt for a new gig, an artist, a survivor of four open-heart surgeries, a globe-trekker, unabashed fangirl, and a life-long food worshiper, I am dedicated to experiencing all that this world has to offer and then promptly writing about it.

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