Out of Place

Self-Portrait of a weary traveler in Berlin//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

There are the moments between “the moments” we share with the rest of the world, and this photo was taken during such a moment. Between all of the smiley “proof of life” “I’m traveling and having a BLAST!” expressions, I chose to take a real photo of how I typically look. I relaxed my face and let it do its thing, ditto with my posture and body. You’ll note my sleeves are rolled up because it was unusually warm that day in Berlin and I foolishly left the apartment in a sweater with only an undershirt and no bra. I am wearing next to no make-up (my lip color has all but worn off) and there are ink stains on my left hand because I was writing in my journal and do not live in left-handed person’s world. I had been nursing a single beer for about ninety minutes at this point. I am tired. I am questioning what I will do with myself after Poland, as I had yet to solidify any plans and did not want to come back to Berlin for more than a rest-laundry-repack day. This day was the first day I finally began to unearth the Berlin that I kept hearing people talk about; the fun, warm and kind of zany Berlin. This is the first time (and maybe the only time) I will speak of my true feelings: being an empath in Berlin was not easy.


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