Weekend Nosh

Farewell Brunch at Electric - Cork, Ireland
Kir Royale – Electric (Ireland)

It’s time to break out the bubbly and toast to the New Year! I bought a big bottle of my favorite Japanese sake, Junmai Daiginjo Mu to say an extra special goodbye to 2012, one of the dizziest years of my entire life. Champagne, beer, sparkling wine, Martinelli’s, sake, soda, tea, cocktails, wine or juice – what are you going to have in your glass as you salute 2013?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Nosh

  1. Woo, Mu! Did you ever get your hands on those pine masu boxes? I found some last week and bought some extra ones. ^___^

    Art and I went to a small plates place called “Ravish” and each had their signature “Ravish” cocktail, which is like adult chocolate milk with amaretto and chocolate bitters. Delicious! We’ll have to take you the next time you’re in Seattle. One of their bartenders loves to craft custom drinks if you can describe and idea to him.

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