Breakfast at Apple Farm Restaurant (San Luis Obispo)

Breakfast at Apple Farm Inn - San Luis Obispo

I have to say, even though my sister and I had a wonderful evening, I was skeptical about the Apple Farm restaurant itself. I’ve no idea why; maybe because diner-esque restaurants predominately occupied by the elderly give me a sense of bland, greasy spoon joints one finds while road tripping across America. Which I have done. Twice. Plus the New England states. Plus up and down California about two hundred times. Road trip restaurants are embedded in my childhood memories, so they give me a wariness of off-the-highway restaurants, even (or especially so?) restaurants heavy on the country chic motifs.

Still, what hooked us in (other than the $5.00 off your bill coupon every guest at the Inn receives) and made us determined to give it a whirl before we hit the road was their house speciality: apple dumplings. I’m a sucker for them, and my sister has never had one. Full disclosure: She is an honorary sister, not a blood related one. So after a rather more leisure than we intended morning, we packed the car, checked out and walked across the parking lot back to the restaurant to enjoy breakfast.

Breakfast at Apple Farm Inn - San Luis Obispo
Hot Apple Dumpling ($8.00)

Breakfast at Apple Farm Inn - San Luis Obispo
Ala Mode

As it was officially her birthday, Annette insisted on ice cream for breakfast. I simply requested that it be placed on the side as I like hot desserts to remain untainted by cold accessories. Splitting the pastry wrapped apple, Annette and I made sure to scoop up a spoonful of caramel drizzle that pooled below with every bite. It was apple heaven.

Call me crazy, though, but I needed just a touch of something savory for contrast.

Breakfast at Apple Farm Inn - San Luis Obispo
Biscuit and Gravy (approx. $4.75)

Waffling between the Eggs Benedict and the full Biscuits and Gravy, I confessed to our waitress that I wasn’t really interested in investing so much time/money/stomach room in a big full meal, as Annette wanted to nosh in Solvang and hit up a flatbread pizza joint in Los Alamos. She easily accommodated me by offering a one biscuit with a small cup of gravy, which suited me just fine. Biscuits and gravy, like Eggs Benedict, is my Breakfast Kryptonite. It’s nearly compulsory for me to try it.

It’s pointless to show you a close-up of the gravy because it is just white stuff in a cup with paprika sprinkled on top, but let me assure you that it was incredibly delicious in that way only a chef who truly understands what good, comfort food ought to taste like. The buttermilk biscuit was as fluffy as a cloud and none of this sat like a brick in my gut, an after effect commonly found with such a dish.

Would I return/recommend Apple Farm Restaurant? Absolutely. This is a diner that knows what it’s doing; giving elevation to the highway restaurant with a precise execution of classic down home American favorites.

Apple Farm Restaurant
2015 Monterey Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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