Apple Farm Inn – San Luis Obispo

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Apple Farm Inn

A little over a month ago, I was invited up to San Luis Obispo to stay the night at Apple Farm Inn and attend a Backyard Winemaker’s Dinner (post coming next week). As serendipity would have it, the event was scheduled the same weekend as my sister’s milestone birthday, and she was able to be my plus one. We left the San Gabriel Valley around noon and cruised up the 101 on a luxuriously sunny Friday, the ocean to our left, the rolling hills to our right. A precise three-and-a-half hours later, we reached the central coast and Apple Farm Inn.

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Not quite a resort, but more than just a cutesy hotel, Apple Farm Inn is a sprawling accommodation that mixes the amenities of a resort, with the aesthetics of a Bed & Breakfast: Potted flowers and vintage kitsch. Massage Center. Country chic decor. Pool and hot tub. Old-Fashioned restaurant and bakery. Afternoon wine tastings. Waterwheel and Garden Store. You get the idea.

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Though we arrived a half-hour before the four o’clock check-in time, our room was ready and we were able to go upstairs, unpack and deflate a bit. It wasn’t nap time, though, as I wanted to get in some shots of the grounds while the sun was still up and partake in the afternoon wine reception that every guest at Apple Farm Inn is invited to.

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Our room was directly upstairs from the reception area, overlooking the pool and Water Wheel, with a gas fireplace and two beds piled high with no less than eight pillows. Settling on the window seat, I set up my laptop and easily logged in to the complimentary wi-fi to e-mail our mother, notifying her of our safe arrival (no matter how old you get, mom’s worry!). There were complimentary chocolates and Martinelli’s apple juice waiting for us, but there was no time to waste as we wanted to get to that wine reception!

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

We made it to the wine reception with twenty minutes to spare for some wine and little appetizers. Annette went for the Chardonnay while I went with the Cabernet, both from the Apple Farm private label. We knew it was a little silly, imbibing before the big all-out wine-centric dinner, but hey, we’re on birthday celebration time! I ended up enjoy the Cabernet, pleased with its low tannin level and rich, caramel-like body. I wound up purchasing a bottle to bring back home to share. Sipping on our wine until the sun went down to a tolerable level for photos, I then toured the grounds to snap some more photos, listening to Annette ‘Oooh’ and ‘Aaah’ by my side.

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant
Trellis Court Motel

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Moving onward, we went to explore the literal bread and butter of Apple Farm, the Restaurant and gift shop.

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant
Ceramic Garden Mushrooms

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant
Gold Pumpkin Ornament

I thought it was fun that the gift shop had a color game going on for sales: Take a percentage off any non-food item that was the color of the month. For October, the color was GOLD and I nearly purchased this sparkly gold pumpkin.

The blog for the Backyard Winemakers Dinner will go live next week, so I’ll save all of the juicy details of that and skip ahead. After the dinner, Annette and I were lamenting how we did not think to bring our bathing suits but that we would like to at least soak our feet in the hot tub. Though it was after hours, Annette and I quietly slipped to the pool area and managed to get in a nice 30 minute soak until a staff member kindly said it was time to close up the pool/hot tub. I thought it was very nice of them to have let us, along with a couple of other guests, stick around and unwind.

Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant

My sleep was unfortunately not an easy one, as I foolishly used the pillows that were on the very bottom of the pile, plain and tucked where I assumed, “OK, these are not frilly and they’re right at the head of the bed, so these must be meant for resting my head on.” Except they were hard as rocks and I did not have my sharpest mental facilities working for me due to the copious amounts of delicious wine I drank over dinner. Thankfully, at some point in the middle of the night, I figured out why there were a dozen pillows and riffled through them to find one soft enough one to find sleep with at last. Ego was a bit bruised, of course, as I ought to have figured out that answer hours earlier.

I think my singular, almost minute quibble for Apple Farm Inn would be the complimentary toiletries they offer as they contain a pungent fragrance, which wards off any guests (myself included) with sensitive allergies. That’s advice for every hotel, though. Watch the perfume-y products.

Our View at Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant
Our room with a view

Fragrant freebies aside, the staff at Apple Farm Inn could not have been nicer and more informative. An overburdened server spilled her entire tray of wine directly behind me at the dinner, but it wasn’t until the morning and I discovered my sweater took part of the spill. Offering to take care of my dry cleaning bill, the front desk staff gave me the contact information of the manager, who made good on the reimbursement immediately after I sent her a copy of my receipt. Thanks so much, Kim!

After breakfast, which we enjoyed a $5.00 discount on as every guest receives coupons and vouchers for the restaurant/bakery, Annette and I inquired about any “must see’s” along our way back to Los Angeles. Intending to take our time and have a leisure drive with many stops, Annette and I were rewarded with the suggestion of Flatbread Pizza in Los Alamos, which I will blog about very soon.

Annette fell head over heels with Apple Farm Inn, formulating future plans in her mind to bring back her daughter. I was very smitten as well, having a new appreciation for the central coastline in a way I did not previously. Thanks for the hospitality, Apple Farm. I hope to see you again the future.

Apple Farm Inn & Restaurant
2015 Monterey Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

$109 – $279 off-season weekdays
$119 – $339 on weekends, in summer and during holidays periods.
$279 to $409 for Signature King Rooms, depending on day of the week and season

Call now to learn about Apple Farm Inn’s THANKSGIVING SPECIAL.

FTC Disclaimer: We were put up for the night, but we paid for our vehicle gas, breakfast, and all souvenirs at the gift shop. All wording and opinions are 100% mine.

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