Let’s Talk Food!

Welcome to another weekend-only post, which I’ll be alternating with the Weekend Nosh (formerly quick bite). I’d like to get a good dialogue going of various food related topics. Please leave a comment to join the conversation!

The inaugural question: What food/kinds of food do you refuse to eat and why?

Now, as a food writer I try not to have any mental blocks when it comes to trying out new food, but there are those few dishes that, for a variety of reasons, I will not consume.

1) Snails. This has nothing to do with them grossing me out. Quite the contrary, I adore snails. I think they’re adorable and I go out of my way to assist them out of harms way when they emerge after a good rain. It is due to my unadulterated love for snails that I just cannot bring myself to eat them. No matter how much butter and garlic they’re drenched in.

2) Horse, snake, cat and dog. See above. (Does not apply to guinea pigs. I’d totally eat those suckers)

There are definitely a few items out there in food land I’d be wary to try like bugs, chicken feet and lotus root, but under the right circumstances and in the right company I could probably be persuaded to at least give a nibble.

So, how about you? Controversial foie gras? Meat as a boycott to the meat industry? Bok choy because it gives you bad dreams? Texture issues with squid? Share your Will Not Ever Eat lists by leaving a comment below!

Snail Friend!
Friend, not Food

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Food!

  1. Guinea pig (qui) is not too bad…
    Chicken feet have an awful texture.
    Brains are on my never list.
    I’ve tried chicharon but just will not eat it.
    Head cheese puts me off just by the name.
    Okra the texture (slimy and crunchy together) is just ew

  2. Things that I cannot stomach/flat out refuse to eat include the following:

    1) Octopus tentacle. I have tried it, and paid heavily for attempting to be adventurous despite my various misgivings. Not only did it taste like rubber to me and have a strange, overly chewy texture, it also made me painfully ill for three days afterwards. Never again.

    2) Anything that can be construed as a domestic pet, e.g. cat or dog. Like you, I simply don’t agree with it.

    3) Caviar. I simply cannot touch the stuff.

    There are probably more, but those are the main three “not a chance” foods presently on my list.

  3. I have a hard time getting myself to eat rabbit. People rave about it, and I come across great recipes, but I just can’t eat it. I think it’s a FUR issue I have. It reminds me of eating cat. Any suggestions on how to overcome that.

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