Yummy Sushi (Coronado Island)

Hello, everyone, I’m back and officially on the mend from all of that illness. I definitely did not let it stop me from going on my full week trip to Coronado Island, right off of San Diego. My mom and I won a raffle at the ACHA conference last April. The original win was for a condo in Colorado but, as we’re not ski/snow/cold people, we swapped it for a luxurious suite at the Coronado Beach Resort instead! My friend Annie and I went up on Sunday the 19th to check in ~ Steffie joined me on Tuesday and Mom on Wednesday. It was a fabulous time and there were some equally fabulous (and let’s be real not so fab) food for me to share.

One of the nifty aspects of staying at the Coronado Beach Resort (other than the rooftop jacuzzi, holler!) is that numerous merchants and eateries offer a 10% discount to their guests. When Steffie came down from Los Angeles she was rather famished and we decided to take our 10% to Yummy Sushi, a well reviewed local favorite just cat-corner to where we were staying. It was just after the lunch hour so the restaurant was slow and empty. We sat at the sushi bar and settled on three rolls to split between us.

Seaweed and Cucumber Salad
Seaweed and Cucumber Salad

This was given to us as a complimentary mini starter. I wasn’t a big fan of the cucumber but the seaweed was perfectly seasoned with the sweet tang of rice wine vinegar.

Mikko Roll - Yummy sushi
Mikko Roll ($11.95)

“Tuna and Crab in, Salmon top” was all the description said of this roll. Had we known about the sauces we would have opted out. Not that they were bad (eel sauce and spicy mayo) but they did detract from the already tastiness of the roll.

Rainbow Roll - Yummy Sushi
Rainbow Roll ($10.95)
I have really grown to love and appreciate a well made rainbow roll. Note the generous chunks of fresh and ripe avocado – not a brown spot in sight!

Red Dragon Roll - Yummy Sushi
Red Dragon Roll ($11.95)

In: eel, crab + avocado. Top: Spicy Tuna. Another roll drenched in spicy mayo. Sigh. This is the roll where the sauce really encumbered the fish. Spicy tuna on its own is magnificent; there is no reason to embellish it. It’s like an outfit with too many accessories.

Would I return/recommend Yummy Sushi? Absolutely. I sort of wish I had gone back with my mother, really, especially since I am now aware that they’re sauce happy and can just ask for it to be withheld. Now you know, too! Otherwise this place is very clean, spacious and has a moderately priced menu with good quality fish.

Yummy Sushi
1330 Orange Ave
Coronado, CA 92118

Yummy Sushi on Urbanspoon

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