Sweet Flour Bake Shop (Toronto)


First there was boba (that’s bubble tea for some of you).
Then there was crepes.
Next came the CUPCAKE boom.
Followed by Frozen Yogurt.
One bake shop is a step ahead of the game, already serving up the next sweet treat trend: Fresh baked cookies.

Sweet Flour takes what the mix-in frozen yogurt trend has done and gives a warm, fresh baked spin on it.

Step One: Pick your cookie batter. (Original, Peanut Butter and Oatmeal)

Step Two: Pick two mix-ins (Over 20 options, including 5 spreads like maple icing and ganache)

Additional mix-ins are twenty-five cents.

Hang out for about 5-10 minutes (depending on how big the line is) and you will soon be treated to a warm, decadent dessert.

Coconut and Rainbow Sprinkles!
Zuzu: Original (sugar?) cookie base. Coconut & Rainbow sprinkle mix-ins

Snickers and Pecans!
Mr.G: Original cookie. Pecan + Snickers mix-ins.

Chocolate Chip & Chocolate Ganache
Me: Original dough. Semi-sweet chocolate chips + chocolate ganache.

Peanut Butter, chocolate chip with salted caramel
Me: Peanut Butter cookie. Semi-sweet chips inside, salted caramel spread.

My lone quibble with Sweet Flour is that they messed up my order and reversed the kind of cookie I was supposed to have. I would have really liked to have tasted the peanut butter with the double chocolate lovin’, but oh well. It still tasted fabulous! All of the cookies were scrumptious; just a hint of crisp around the edge while remaining soft, warm and chewy on the inside.
I am crossing my fingers someone here in Los Angeles will open a similar bake shop or franchise.

Each cookie cost $2.75 Canadian. I consider this a fair price as the cookies are large and customizable.

Also available: custom muffin tops, cookie sandwiches, frozen yogurt and Sweet Flour raw cookie dough to take home and bake (or, if you’re anything like me, gorge on while watching bad reality TV or B-movies).

Sweet Flour Bake Shop
2352 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sweet Flour Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

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