Sushi of Naples (Pasadena)

A short time before Christmas I purchased a Groupon for a sushi joint that I’ve always wanted to try but, for one reason or another, never got around to. The sushi joint in question: Sushi of Naples, found in Pasadena on Green Street, the more peaceful, calmer sibling to the famous, albeit boisterous, Colorado Boulevard. I invited a couple of friends to split my Groupon with me after a day of last minute holiday shopping.

Our Order:

Long Beach Roll – Avocado and masago topped with salmon

Stone Shrimp Roll – California roll topped with rock shrimp tempura and special sauce

Spicy Red (or Green?) Dragon Roll – I actually forgot to write down the name of this roll and the website for Sushi of Naples is beyond unhelpful. Shrimp tempura inside roll topped with unagi, avocado, spicy tuna and scallions.

Long Beach Roll
Long Beach Roll

This was a refreshing roll, a simple treat between the two larger-than-life rolls we had.

Stone Shrimp Roll
Stone Shrimp Roll

I had my doubts about this roll, probably because I’m not fond of fried sushi aside from Spider Rolls, but I was delightfully surprised with the Stone Shrimp Roll. It’s not something I’d necessarily order again, but it was like eating an exotic junk food treat with a fresh shot at the end (the California roll) and was well liked by everyone.

Spicy Dragon Roll
Something-Something Dragon Roll

My absolute favorite roll, hands down. I honestly did not want to share. Again, while I’m not fond of fried sushi, the tempura shrimp was light and well accompanied by the eel, tuna and avocado. I was in sushi heaven, to say the very least.

Atmosphere: Very welcoming and warm, with appealing decor. Clean and friendly.

Service: Slow, but friendly. It was only annoying when we were waiting for our check.

Quibbles: I find Sushi of Naples to be a bit too expensive for casual, “let’s just grab some sushi” luncheons. Our $20 for $40 worth of fare did not cover all three specialty rolls. I would definitely not dine here on my own dime, but split the bill amongst friends again. Also, I recall not being particularly fond of the (hot) sake. It was bitter tasting. I know that’s probably what I get for liking rocket fuel to begin with, but I’ve had scrumptious hot sake in the past so I’m going to mention it.

Sushi of Naples (website)
735 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 578-1123
Sushi of Naples on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Sushi of Naples (Pasadena)

  1. Your food reviews always end up giving me cravings. I’m nowhere near Pasadena, so I can’t go *there*, but this is making me want to go back to Oishii here in Boston. Prohibitively expensive sushi (thus why I’ve not gone back)–so much so that you could cry when you get the check. But it’s SO DAMN GOOD. And your Stone Shrimp Roll picture is reminding me very much of their rock shrimp roll, which was AMAZING.

    • No wonder as “Oishii” means delicious! Sounds like my kind of place. Boston is a mecca for some seriously great food and I want to eat my way through that city sometime in the near future😀 All of this sushi talk makes me thankful I’m going to have sushi tomorrow…

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