Bool BBQ food truck

I can’t get enough of the Bool BBQ truck. No suspense in this review, huh? I think part of the reason why I decided to purchase a membership to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was because I know the bool bbq truck is typically parked across the street for the lunch hour rush.

I’ve hit it up three times – usually for a bool gogi beef pastel – and every time has been a slice of Heaven. I find the food at bool bbq to be well worth the expense. I dig what the bool bbq is doing with the Korean-Central/South American fusion; they’re cuisines compliment one another wonderfully.

OK, onto what you’re really here for – hard core food porn!

Food from the Bool BBQ Truck
Bulgogi Beef Pastel & Taco

Bool Gogi Beef Taco
Taco: bulgogi beef, spicy cabbage, peppers & fresh cilantro double wrapped in corn tortillas

Pastel - bool bbq truck
Pastel Guts: bulgogi beef, cheddar/mozzarella mix, topped with pico de gallo

Bool Truck
Your Mission: Eat your weight in Korean tacos.

bool bbq website (website)

bool bbq twitter


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