Skooby’s Hot Dogs (Hollywood)

Skooby's Hot Dogs

I recently joined a flickr group Eating Out in Los Angeles and there is a discussion thread going on about the best places to eat (naturally). Many of the members were none too fond of Pink’s Hot Dogs, preferring Skooby’s instead. I’ve known of Skooby’s for many years now, but it has been a regular vista in my night life as I have come to frequent Hollywood more than I did due to Mister J’s improv. Skooby’s is located directly between the two improv theaters we frequent – Improv Olympic west and The Second City theatre. We’ve been curious and finally I gave in to my curiosity on a recent trip to Hollywood.

I was greeted very warmly by two young men manning the store. Nice, friendly staff that made me want to eat inside despite the heat from the grill.

My order: Original Skooby dog with grilled onions and a regular size lemonade.
Total: $6.19 (I forget if this included tax or not)

I topped my dog with spicy mustard, a touch of relish and a side of BBQ sauce just to dip once.

I feel that $3.00 for lemonade is a little steep and I forgot to ask if this included free refills (doubtful) but goodness gracious me if that wasn’t one of the best lemonades I ever tasted (aside from my own). Next time I’m going to ask for no ice so I can get more bang for my buck 😉

Hot Dog from Skooby's

The dog itself was absolutely delicious, and I loved the way is snapped! with every bite. Moist, tender and cooked to hot dog perfection. The onions were grilled just right, neither raw nor charred. I believe the bun was ever so lightly toasted for a moment on the grill. Nice touch.

Everything had great flavor and I look forward to going back and trying their fries and perhaps their cheesesteak.

Turkey and soy dogs available for those so inclined.

“We do just a few simple things, and we do them well.” – Skooby’s press kit

That you do, Skooby, that you do.

Skooby’s Hot Dogs
6654 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Cash Only!

Skooby's on Urbanspoon


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