Seafood in Seattle

I knew I’d be headed to Washington state and what more ideal place can I find fresh seafood on the west side of the USA? Southern California does have some decent places, but if you’re going to eat out of the Pacific, make sure it’s up north.

In my minimal time spent in Washington, I was able to squeeze in seafood from three very different locations.

C’est Si Bon in Port Angeles


Crab Souffle so light and fluffy it melted right in my mouth. The owners are a jovial French couple who left the Hollywood area to build a restaurant up in the laid back town of Port Angeles. This dish was hands down my favorite of my entire trip, complimented with a starter of French Onion soup (which is only matched by my local French joint, Bistro de la Gare.) Norbert and Michele are so personable and lovely, I could not have asked for a more pleasurable time and tasty meal.

C’est Si Bon website

Etta’s in Seattle
Founded by famed chef Tom Douglas, Etta’s was enjoyable but a little too much haute and not enough cuisine for my liking. The Kusshi oysters small but plump, smooth and creamy. I only wish it had come with more.

The same can be said of the clam chowder – more clams. However, the fennel crackers were a nice touch.

Etta’s website

The Crab Pot at Pier 57 in Seattle

Easily my least favorite and the biggest disappointment as I gave into the hype led by Adam Richman from Man vs. Food. Note to self: Adam is a viable source of entertainment only; strictly reserve all recommendations from TV to Anthony Bourdain. My biggest complaints are the weak cocktail, the fact that I am paying good money for seafood and they can’t be bothered to
1) devein the shrimp
2) Either use a shot glass for their “oyster shooter” or keep it in its shell because seriously, look at this atrocity:

An oyster drowned in beer, hot sauce and shame in a pathetic plastic cup not unlike those administered at medication time in the hospital.

Good crab, corn and clams, decent mussels but sketchy shrimp and potatoes only there to add weight

I am ashamed at myself for not having done my homework properly, as I probably would have had a better experience with seafood directly in Seattle if I went out for sushi and visited a well-established oyster bar. I only had a couple of days with only a morning completely to myself and I used that to take full advantage of my hotel’s pool (can you blame me?) so I suppose I will use this as a lesson well learned and take this opportunity to vow to return to Seattle and have some proper seafood.

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