Juno’s Cafe (Dublin, Ireland)

The day after our arrival in Cork, Steffie and I had to high-tail it to Kent station to catch a train to Dublin where we would be checking in at the Gate Lodge B&B. The train ride was peaceful, and I had made sure to reserve us both window seats so we could enjoy the idyllic scenery. Even though I was so tired, I tried my best not close my eyes for more than a blink; I didn’t want to miss anything.

After we checked into our guest house and rested for a bit, we decided to take advantage of our Guinness Storehouse tickets that day since we scheduled our Jameson distillery tour the next day and didn’t want to be lushes about it all.

However, we’re smart drinkers and knew we would be best prepared for our Guinness tour (never mind I loathe Guinness and ended up trading my free pint in for water) if we had food in our bellies to better cushion any alcohol we may consume.

Just down the street from our B&B we found Juno’s, a quaint cafe featuring organic, local fare at reasonable prices.

Juno’s has a modern take on classic food in a comfortable, bistro style setting. Steffie had the Roast Roll of the Day (corned beef) on cibatta with red onion jam and dark greens. The corned beef was moist, tasty and even sweet; not at all salty like what you find here in the States come March 17th. We ended up eating most of my lunch and taking 1/2 of her sandwich with us to be eaten for dinner. Yum Yum Yum.

I had the Cumberland bangers over gold mash (potatoes) with onion gravy. Holly Hannah, what are those bangers seasoned with? Fennel & rosemary is my guess, but whatever it is ~ perfection! The mash was delicious and the onions sweet and complimentary.

The portions are generous, the service friendly & well-versed on their menu, and the cuisine cooked with the kind of mastery you’d expect to find at high-end posh eateries. My only regret regarding Juno’s is that we didn’t pop in again the next day!

Juno’s Cafe
26 Parkgate Street
Dublin 8, Co. Dublin, Ireland
01 670 9820

Breakfast Hours:
Monday – Friday
8am – 12pm
Brunch Hours:
Saturday & Sunday
10am – 4pm
Lunch Hours:
Monday – Friday
12pm – 3pm
Dinner Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday
5pm – 9:30pm


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